I waited on platform 12 expecting the charter to arrive diesel hauled but was pleasantly surprised to see that 46115 was at the head. 17/09/2015

 More LMS familiar view - what a day this was. 17/09/2015

 Quite a long stay was booked for Crewe to allow the Scot to be serviced and so it pulled away from its train. 17/09/2015

 6115 ran South and then reversed onto the UDL, paused while a Voyager arrived from Chester and then carried on to The Heritage Centre for servicing and where it had stood for many years, basically in pieces HERE. 17/09/2015

 47760 arrived from the South and I wondered at that point if the Scot was indeed in trouble and this was its replacement. However the 47 ran through and hooked onto the rear of the train. 17/09/2015

 Passengers were being introduced to the idea of barriers at Crewe station with what I consider to be a cynical message, "a chance to get to know you better!" - control you more likely - a very sad, retrograde step in my opinion - more freedom lost! 17/09/2015

 The seemingly ever-present 57304 "Pride of Cheshire" was parked up as 47760 provided power to the train. 17/09/2015

 Hmmm....... 17/09/2015

 350238 arrived from London Euston. 17/09/2015

 323232, my transport home, entered a somewhat dilapidated platform 1 having been parked up just outside the station. 17/09/2015

 On the way out I could just see 46115 on the Heritage Centre being coaled up. 17/09/2015

 Sandbach station. 17/09/2015