Crewe station and 57304 "Pride of Cheshire" and 57307 "Lady Penelope" were parked up while 67003 awaited a green. 02/09/2015

 The Car Park sign is somewhat misleading because the access footbridge has been closed for some time and is scheduled for demolition. 02/09/2015

 Leading the class 67 was a rather smart looking DVT 82145. 02/09/2015

 Measurement coach 5981 was sandwiched. 02/09/2015

 66510 arrived with three wagons in tow. 02/09/2015

 At platform 6 was Super Voyager 221106 dressed to advertise "Festival Number 6", an event about to start at the Italianate village of Portmeirion. 02/09/2015

 In the TV series The Prisoner, No.6 was brilliantly played by the late Patrick McGoohan and I had the pleasure of watching it when it was first released. I have watched it several times since, have the whole series on tape and still don't understand it. Mr.McGoohan never did explain what it was about. There is an appreciation society. 02/09/2015


 Pendolino 390114 sped North. 02/09/2015

 66510 ran round its train. 02/09/2015

 92011 "Handel" ran through platform 6 at speed with 66133 in tow. 02/09/2015

 156473 was on the Crewe-Derby run. 02/09/2015

 What appeared to be Southern Pacific tender was outside the Diesel Depot. 02/09/2015

 175101 entered platform 5 on a Manchester-South Wales service. 02/09/2015

 Using platform 5 for this service is unusual, platform 6 being the norm. 02/09/2015

 Another unusual movement was 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" passing through platform 6. 02/09/2015

 We were treated to a long mournful blast on the Stanier hooter as the engine accelerated with drain cocks open. 02/09/2015

 Once again Crewe station echoed to the sound of a Stanier masterpiece - stirring stuff. The engine was on its way to Rugby in preparation for hauling The Cathedrals Express the following day. 02/09/2015

 150229 waits to depart from bay platform 7. 02/09/2015

 323223 departs Sandbach on its way to Manchester Piccadilly. It would appear that this class of units is to be transferred to the Midlands when The Northern franchise ends. Frequent users are not happy. 02/09/2015

 Something coming? The feather in the distance indicates that whatever arrives will join the main line 02/09/2015

 66567 ran straight through light engine. 02/09/2015