I can't believe there will be many days like this at Crewe, I had intended to visit the station to watch 46115 "Scots Guardsman" hauling The Lakes Express from Penrith to London Euston but information on Realtime Trains indicated that the train was cancelled. However, I decided to go anyway and was somewhat surprised to see these two waiting in platform 12. They were on their way to Barrow Hill for "Barrow Hill '65 - The London Midland Region Steam Gala of the Year".17/09/2015

 Sadly, while compiling these pages, this note appeared on Realtime Trains. 17/09/2015

 Unfortunately 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" was hidden behind steel works but coupled behind was 45690 "Leander" liveried in BR lined black. 17/09/2015

 A hurried rush across to platform 12 taking the gamble that the pair wouldn't depart, this was the view from the rear. 17/09/2015

 The Duchess. 17/09/2015

 That ever familiar shape with a Crewe North shed plate!  17/09/2015

 Cylinders cleared and they were away. 17/09/2015

 Sadly 5690 wasn't opened up as they left, I had hoped to hear the two exhaust beats moving in and out of synch as often happens with double-headers. 17/09/2015

 In the diesel depot yard 08507 was shunting coaching stock and didn't sound too healthy. 17/09/2015

 DR 73108 "Tiger" entered the UDL before heading back South. 17/09/2015

 A reminder that November 11th is fast approaching. 17/09/2015

 Crewe has new signs. 17/09/2015

 66305 entered the loop for a crew change. 17/09/2015

 66119 ran through heading South at a pace. 17/09/2015

 A number of Pendolino units were running with the coupling cover missing or raised, this was 390 122. 17/09/2015