Nantwich and 175114 heads for Crewe and Manchester. 27/04/2012

 While I was waiting, the passenger in this car actually took the trouble to wind down his window to tell me to "get a life" - me and several hundred thousand others I guess! Sad. 27/04/2012

 47760 rattled through heading for Shrewsbury. 27/04/2012

 47760 in a former guise.

 Two days and two steam locomotives - what a life. 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" heads for Shrewsbury and Bristol with day 7 of "The Great Britain V". 27/04/2012

 Away through leafy Cheshire. 27/04/2012

 Nantwich and 150208 heads for Shrewsbury. 26/04/2012

 Battle of Britain pacific 34067 "Tangmere" followed travelling light engine from Carnforth to Bristol. 26/04/2012

 Quite an impressive sight but well off the routes for which it was built - but who cares? 26/04/2012

Llanddulas beach and the wreck of M.V.CARRIER is being cut up after being driven aground during a storm. The boat was loading stone at Raynes Pier when the incident occurred. 19/04/2012

The pier. 19/04/2012

Some of what appears to be damage to the hull. The concrete blocks or dolosse are part of the sea defences and don't look particularly ship friendly. Thanks to Charlie Hulme's brilliant North Wales Coast site HERE where more of this incident can be seen. 19/04/2012

A closer look at the concrete blocks. 19/04/2012

Each one has had a serial number written on before setting and there are thousands. 19/04/2012

Men working on cutting up the wreck. 19/04/2012

Access is really only safe by bucket. 19/04/2012

Part of the conveyor system used to load the boats. 19/04/2012

The upper section of the conveyor showing where it dips under the A55 dual carriageway and also its proximity to the road. The boat's crew were taken off by helicopter during the storm and landed onto the East bound carriageway that had been closed for the evacuation. Force 9 to Hurricane force winds were reported at the time with waves reaching 5 metres. I have seen similar boats fail to dock in far less severe conditions than that. 19/04/2012

Having driven over it many, many times I was interested to see this section of Abergele Road from the beach. 19/04/2012

Signs of earlier workings perhaps? 19/04/2012

And again. 19/04/2012