Sandbach station and unit 323226 heads for Manchester as I wait for the reverse working to Crewe - running some 10 minutes late. 10/04/2012

 While I was waiting, 66418 drew up to the signal before accelerating away towards Manchester. 10/04/2012

 The reason for visiting Crewe was to see this locomotive 4464 (I prefer 60019) "Bittern". I had hoped to see it arrive but it was early and I was late so this was it. 10/04/2012

 The engine was waiting to enter the Heritage Centre to collect "The Great Marquess" before heading off for Barrow Hill. 10/04/2012

 "Bittern" was held for quite some time before word came through that it was to take on water before its move to the Heritage Centre. 10/04/2012

 Reversing out onto the Chester line in order to enter platform 12 and the hydrant. 10/04/2012

 Pulling up in 12. 10/04/2012

 I left the A4 to get on with what it was doing and went to what looked like a rescue. However, 57315 was simply parked up with the 350 unit waiting to leave for London. 10/04/2012

 A Pendolino entered platform 1 with a "Beth Tweddle MBE" emblem on each end to commemorate the Olympic Games. Beth is local to Crewe. 10/04/2012