90045 led 90046 into the bay platform. 10/04/2012

 Different liveries. 10/04/2012

 47769 "Resolve" was being used as a shunter, moving a variety of stock around the yard.
769 is beginning to show its age.


 86612 ran into the bay platform. 10/04/2012

 66204 slowly approached the signal before accelerating rapidly through the station.. There seemed to be an unusual level of freight movement through the station. 10/04/2012

 An ex coastal class 47, number 47739 now in Colas livery and named "Robin of Templecombe" (formerly Resourceful) followed the 66, again pausing at the signal in what could only be described as torrential rain. 10/04/2012

 The 47 almost disappeared in the storm. 10/04/2012

 Ready for the 11 car Pendolino stock. 10/04/2012

 I waited on platform 1 for ages, hoping to see the two LNER locomotives leave but finally gave up and crossed over to platform 6. I heard a chime whistle and looked up to see the A4 racing through the platform. the effect it had on waiting passengers was amazing, one lady grabbed her camera phone while the lady in red to the left punched the air and then applauded the scene. At least two people were pointing the engines out to their children. I have to say that the sight of the two locomotives hurtling through the station was distinctly surreal. 10/04/2012

 The Gresley K4, "The Great Marquess" was tucked in behind the A4 but working nonetheless. magnificent! 10/04/2012

 Here's to the next time. 10/04/2012