Calveley in Cheshire and 150282 heads for Chester on the Crewe-Chester shuttle. 14/04/2012

 The reason for being at Calveley was 70000 "Britannia" on "The Cathedrals Express" running from Euston to Chester. The train is entering the site of the old station. 14/04/2012

 On the rear was 67028. 14/04/2012

 Crewe station and 37409 was at rest in bay platform 8.13/04/2012

 Signs for the ill-fated Virgin scheme still hang and this one was illuminated. 13/04/2012

 153320 entered bay platform 7. 13/04/2012

 Star of the show today was 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" running light from Carnforth to Southall. This engine holds a particular interest for me because it was the last steam locomotive I saw running under BR control. It was leaving Manchester Exchange on a special at the end of steam. The station had been closed to non-ticket holders because there were so many people on the platforms. Having spent many years train spotting on the Victoria/Exchange stations I knew a different way in and got to see the "Brit" charging out of the station.13/04/2012

 Entering platform 12 to take on water. 13/04/2012

 Oiling up. 13/04/2012

 Dogbox of many colours leaving for Derby. 13/04/2012

 86638 leads 86614 into bay platform 7. 13/04/2012

 Dead on time 70013 drew forward to the end of platform 12 but was held for some time awaiting a path. 13/04/2012

 Meanwhile 67015 "David J. Lloyd" passed through heading South. 13/04/2012

 At last it was time to be off. 13/04/2012

 70013 was the third of four main-line steam locomotives to pass through Crewe in 5 days - brilliant. 13/04/2012