The three 387 units left with Clapham Junction on the indicator boards. 07/11/2014

 Each unit carried an LED light adjacent to the pantograph? 07/11/2014

 The cab end. 07/11/2014

 57304 "Pride of Cheshire" (formerly Gordon Tracy) was parked up. 07/11/2014

 221107 seemed to have been repaired and was waiting to leave for erm....Chester...hmmmm. 07/11/2014

 L to R, 390138, 221107, 66302 and 57304. 07/11/2014

 Oh joy! 07/11/2014

 92042 sneaked through at speed so a hurried shot. 07/11/2014

 The Scot drew forward up to the signal to wait for its path. 07/11/2014

 350232 left platform 1 en route for Birmingham. 07/11/2014

 67012 "A Shropshire Lad" passed through heading North with 92031 in tow. 07/11/2014

 Cylinder drain cocks open, 6115 started off on the second part of its journey South. 07/11/2014

 I had gone over to platform 1 in order to get a different shot of the Scot as it left but, as happens, a Voyager pulled out of platform 5 at the same time. Curse of the railway photographer struck again when the Voyager turned out to be two Voyagers! Missed it. 07/11/2014