A dark, wet, miserable November day and Super Voyager 221107, destination Chester, has been failed at Crewe and the passengers are not exactly happy. 07/11/2014

 150227 arrived from Chester on the shuttle. I don't know if the ex-Voyager passengers were diverted onto the 150 but, if they were, it would be a squeeze. 07/11/2014

 Ex-LMS Royal Scot class number 46115 "Scots Guardsman" was travelling from Carnforth down to Southall and had arrived circa 40 minutes early only to be held for quite some time outside the station. Eventually it drew into platform 12 in torrential rain. 07//11/2014

 Once again I was a schoolboy in short trousers and a cap, stood on the metal foot-bridge - happy days. 07/11/2014

 "Guardsman" was receiving some attention underneath hence the "not to be moved" sign hung on the cab side. I don't know what the problem was but it seems to have been rectified.....and the rain continued to pour. 07/11/2014

 Classic "Scot" shape. 07/11/2014

 Stranger in the camp, presumably on test. Three units numbers 387106/105/107 paused on the platform 12 loop. 07/11/2014

 08507 was parked up on the diesel depot yard. 07/11/2014

 57012 entered bay platform 8 before heading South. 07/11/2014