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 47840 "North Star" leaving Crewe with the 07.45 london-Holyhead. The train was brought to Crewe by 87022 "Lew Adams/The Black Prince" which can be seen parked in the distance. 31/5/2003

 37517 leads 37695 away from their stock having just arrived at Crewe with the Pathfinder, Crewe Invader One from Salisbury. The stock later left with 2 class 37's at the head but these two returned some time later passing through the station heading North. The train was scheduled to go to Ironbridge behind a Freightliner class 47 but I don't know what transpired. 31/5/2003

 It was avery busy day at Crewe and the next one in was the SRPS Linlithgow-Shrewsbury charter which arrived off the Manchester line behind 37428 "Loch Long/Loch Awe" and 37427. 427 is not too common around Crewe. 31/5/2003

 The two 37/4's entering platform 5 en route for Shrewsbury. 31/5/2003

 It was certainly a good day for 37 followers, on the depot are (L to R), 37707, 37203, 37372 and 37886 "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed". 31/5/2003

 A class 47 with an EWS sticker on its cab side? Information received from several people indicates that the loco is 47750 - thanks to all those who e-mailed me with this information. 31/5/2003

 I will be attending the Photography Evening at Crewe Works as a prelude to the Open Weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Look out for my report later tonight. Having contacted the HR Department at Crewe on several occasions to determine the availability of tickets etc. I want to express my thanks for the assistance given by these members of staff - what very nice people they are.

 You could smell the paint as it went past! 37410 fresh from the Toton paint shop passing through Crewe station en route for the Diesel Depot. 29/5/2003
It looks as if 410 will be in attendance at the Crewe Works Open weekend.

 Sat at the end of platform 12 was 37608. 29/5/2003

 Parked in bay platform 9 was 47826 "Springburn". 29/5/2003

 37059 came off the LNWR workshops before departing South. 29/5/2003

 A Cardiff-Manchester train was put into bay platform 8 and comprised 158827 in "Ginsters" livery and 158842 in "Western Mail" livery. 827 was emptied out and detached and all existing and new passengers crammed into 842. The latter then left to run back onto the Shrewsbury line before returning to continue on to Manchester. 827 was last seen with a hose stuck in its side! 29/5/2003

 They were all there today! This was 170513 in "Robin Hood Line" livery en route for Stanstead Airport. 29/5/2003

The donkeys are back on the Crewe-Chester shuttle - this is 142012 arriving at Crewe. 29/5/2003

 The afternoon Holyhead-London HST arrived in the form of 43160 leading 43099. 29/5/2003

 Closely followed by the 14.00 Holyhead-Birmingham with 47739 "Resourceful" at the head. 29/5/2003

 A number of EWS hopper trains passed through en route North, this one had 66199 pulling. 29/5/2003


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