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 Never destroy those old shots on digital because technology continues to improve. I took this (top) shot with my old Kodak digital camera on 6th February 2000 in the days when the Sunday double header was a sight to behold. This was the return run during the Winter so it was very gloomy on Crewe's platform 12 and the camera was really not up to it. The lower shot has been improved by use of software on the PC and, whilst still somewhat grainy, it is presentable. Who knows what the future decade will bring. The train is 1G79 and shows 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" piloting 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol".

 Pendolino 390022 "Virgin Hope" entered Crewe while on test. 8/5/2003

 The 14.00 Holyhead-Birmingham left Crewe behind 47732 "Restormel" 8/5/2003

"Restormel" crossing over to gain the up fast and approaching the LNWR sheds where 37197 can be seen just inside the shed. This locomotive is reputed to have been sold to DRS, thus following 37038. 8/5/2003

 90020 "Sir Michael Heron" paused, gleeming in the sunshine, and then left with a Southbound mail train. 8/5/2003

 47737 "Resurgent" crossing Llanddulas Viaduct with the 10.21 Birmingham-Holyhead. 5/5/2003

 Minutes after the above picture was taken, Western Class diesel hydraulic number D1015 "Western Champion" quite literally purred across the viaduct with a charter bound for Llandudno Junction. What a contrast in noise levels! 5/5/2003

 Colwyn Bay and the now regular appearance of 47770 "Reserved" on the Birmingham-Holyhead services. In the background, on top of the cliff, above the last coach can be seen the Colwyn Bay Hotel, formerly the Hotel 70 Degrees. Sadly this facility has gone and the building is now boarded up awaiting demolition. Its only use at the moment is as a Police dog training site.
The train is the 10.21 from Birmingham. 3/5/2003

 My first visit to Crewe for a while and as soon as I arrived 47746 "The Bobby" came off the LNWR sheds with Northern Belle stock. 2/5/2003

 Attached to the rear was 47787 "Windsor Castle". 2/5/2003

 DRS 37607 ran straight through the station heading North. 2/5/2003

 47812 "Pride of Eastleigh" arrived in platform 5 with a Liverpool-London service headed by DVT 82112. At the rear was 87002 "Royal Sovereign" which, by the time I looked, had its pantograph raised. The 47 was eventually detached and ran off onto the Stoke line with a cab full while the train departed with 002 pushing and a fitter in the "engine" room. (What do you call it on an 87?) 2/5/2003

The 10.20 Birmingham-Holyhead arrived behind the now regular 47770 "Reserved" and collected a large number of passengers all coast bound. 2/5/2003

The 9.20 Holyhead-London arrived in platform 11 with 43102 leading 43098 (above) and was announced as "reported full and standing"! Clearly a busy day on the coast. 2/5/2003


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