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 Sunday 25th May and 47739 "Resourceful" heads the Sunday London-Holyhead along the sea front at Colwyn Bay with 47750 included in the line-up. 25/5/2003

 Away into the distance towards Colwyn Bay station. 25/5/2003

 Later in the day and bright warm sunshine keeps the day trippers off the A55 as an unidentified "Hippo" passes Llysfaen and heads towards Pensarn. 25/5/2003

 One of the attractions at Llandudno over this Bank Holiday weekend was an RAF display by various aircraft including the Red Arrows.........

 .....and other treats included a Tornado bomber, an air/sea rescue Sea King helicopter and a couple of World War 2 fighter aircraft. I assume they were a Spitfire and a hurricane but I couldn't see the wing tips clearly enough to hazard a guess. The event was repeated for three days.

 90017 charging through Crewe with a mail train 23/5/2003

 47739 "Resourceful" entering Crewe with the 14.00 Holyhead-Birmingham. 23/5/2003

 47757 "Capability Brown" leaving Crewe with empty stock for the evening Manchester-Holyhead service. 23/5/2003

 Crewe Diesel Depot is a more colourful place of late with the appearance of various repainted Class 47's. This was today's lineup. 21/5/2003

 Parked up was 86228 "Vulcan Heritage". 21/5/2003

37684 "Peak National Park" appeared with 47736 "Cambridge Traction & Rolling Stock Depot". Both engines ran on to the diesel depot. 21/5/2003

 EWS liveried Class 90 number 90031 "The Railway Children Partnership" propelled a Virgin set towards London. 21/5/2003

 Freightliner class 86 number 86638 dragged 86615 "Rotary International" through the station and on to the Chester line. 21/5/2003

 Retro painted class 47 number 47851/D1648 "Traction Magazine" was parked by platform 12. 21/5/2003

 47746 "The Bobby" appeared off the Chester line with a (very) mixed rake of ballast wagons. 21/5/2003

 The remaining Birmingham-Holyhead class 47 diagram. 47739 "Resourceful" is seen leaving platform 11 with the 10.21 ex-Birmingham. 21/5/2003


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