Part 2

 Approaching the end of locomotive hauled trains from Crewe on the North Wales Coast so a "final" run to Holyhead and back on the 10.07 ex Birmingham. 47760 "Ribblehead Viaduct" was in charge.

 Everything ran smoothly and to time until just West of Rhyl when a red held the train for a few minutes.

 On to Llandudno Junction and some of the lost minutes had been recovered.

 Onto the causeway and the beautiful vista of Conwy Harbour came in to view.

 Is there really any better railway location than Conwy Castle?

 And that archway.......

 Lost time was recovered by Holyhead and the runround performance began.

 Meanwhile, the HST that I had seen earlier leaving Crewe was waiting to leave as the 13.43 Holyhead-London Euston. 43007 was leading 43097 on this service.

 47760 had shot out of the station to return onto the waiting stock to form the 14.02 for Birmingham.

 The other end of the HST at the buffer stops.

 47760 waiting to leave.

 Coat of many colours.

 Entering Conwy Castle bridge/tunnel from the return direction.

 Back into Crewe and platform 6 complete with Summer flowers.