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 37684 "Peak National Park" was sitting, dead in Crewe Diesel Depot yard. 20/9/2002

 47784 "Condover Hall" was being used as yard shunter and first it removed 47783 "Saint Peter" from the rear of the depot and dumped it on the scrap line. Next it brought out 47744 "Royal Mail Cheltenham" without a roof and later attached what appeared to be a spare alternator(?) followed by a well wagon carrying the roof section. A class 47 in kit form I guess! Do 47's have alternators? 20/9/2002

 Fragonset 47709 "Dionysos" passed through light engine, heading North. 20/9/2002

 47's everywhere it seems as 47847 "Railway World Magazine" headed North light engine. Everywhere that is except the North Wales Coast? The 14.02 Holyhead-Birmingham appeared, I think, as a 175/1 unit instead of the usual class 47. 20/9/2002

 Class 47 and a lion? Click the picture to see the story!

 Final journey time for 47501 as it is pushed down the LNWR workshop yard at Crewe to where the low loader is waiting. 16/9/2002

 Slowly the winch hauled the diesel onto the trailer while "Britannia" looked on.

 Representatives of two eras of Britain's railways, both now basically defunct. 16/9/2002

 Only the chains to fix and it's off to Glasgow for stripping. 16/9/2002

 Still a long way to go to persuade people to travel by train as 47760 "Ribblehead Viaduct" takes the 14.02 Holyhead-Birmingham under the A55 "Expressway" with cars streaming away from North Wales. 16/9/2002

 47501 at the LNWR, Crewe workshops awaiting transfer to Glasgow. 9/9/2002

 The other end which is now turning green with moss growth. 9/9/2002

 The site of the nameplate showing some of the livery colours applied during the locomotive's life. 9/9/2002

 Stanier Class 5, 45337 was undergoing steam tests after its overhaul at the workshops. 9/9/2002

 Classic lines. 9/9/2002


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