MAY-2-2015 - PAGE THREE  


 Yet another class 67 appeared in the form of 67007, complete with a Saltire sticker and with 325013 in tow. 30/05/2015

 As if by magic another Saltire appeared in the sky. 30/05/2015

 67015 came off the diesel depot and headed North. 30/05/2015

 325013. 30/05/2015

 Nature is taking over Horse Landing. 30/05/2015

 57311 "Thunderbird" was parked by platform 12. 30/05/2015

Decorated Pendolino 390155, "X-MEN Days Of Future Past" leaving North. 30/05/2015

 The concrete footbridge leading from the Virgin car park onto platform 12 has now been closed off and is listed for demolition. A notice pinned on the railing states that the bridge will not be replaced which means quite a hike from the bottom car park to the station entrance. Railway Magazine is reporting that Crewe station is to have barriers installed which is bad news for enthusiasts. 30/05/2015

 153320 on Shrewsbury shuttle duty. 30/05/2015