MAY-2-2015 - PAGE ONE  


 The Pathfinder charter "The Cumbrian Fells Express" running from Bristol to Appleby arrived in Crewe behind 67015. 30/05/2015

 The diesel detached and ran forward onto the WCML. 30/05/2015

 Enter 70000 "Britannia" which was to take the train to Appleby and back. 30/05/2015

 67015 ran back through the station. 30/05/2015

 70000 had moved onto the Chester line by Crewe Heritage Centre and began to reverse into the station. 30/05/2015

 Another charter hauled by 90019, had stopped in platform 11 for a crew change before leaving North. I think this was The Cumbrian Coast Express running Euston to Sellafield. "Jubilee 45699 "Galatea" would take over the train from Carnforth. 30/05/2015

 70000 burst into life. 30/05/2015

 Storming away from Crewe. 30/05/2015