Alsager station and 37425 is back from the dead, transferring from Barrow Hill to Crewe. 13/06/2012

 Three coaches in varying liveries and 66426 were trailing. 13/06/2012

 425 was a regular on the coast for a while, here it's running round its train at Crewe in preparation for a return working to Holyhead.

 Leaving Crewe.....

 .....and back again.

 Waiting to leave for the carriage sidings.

 On another occasion the locomotive was sat under the bridge at Crewe, as they always did, so that the exhaust fumes could penetrate the upper reaches of the station and its main entrance. Photographing under the bridge was not easy due to the contrasting light levels.

 On one occasion "Bob" disgraced itself by failing while heading West along the coast. The train was rescued by 37695 which continued to Bangor where it performed a complex shunting operation. The train, with "Bob" was taken into the siding where both locomotives ran round. The train was then taken into the tunnel and reversed into the up platform. Both locomotives then returned to the siding where 37695 ran round and reversed into the tunnel. Both the travelled centre road and reversed onto the train.....

 .....where they left for Crewe.

 425 at Llandudno.

 Running round at Llandudno.

 425 at Chester.

 Sandbach station, very dark and pouring with rain, will the scheduled Deltic appear? A practice shot as 150281 speeds through heading for Manchester. 03/06/2012

 It did and dead on time as well, 55022 "Royal Scots Grey". Moving at some pace and the drone could be heard for miles. 03/06/2012