Sandbach station and the site of the former North Staffordshire Railway's bay platform. The branch left the Crewe-Stoke line near Alsager and ran through Hassall Green, Wheelock and then Sandbach. The branch was supposed to facilitate the NSR's ambition to reach Liverpool and the Americas but it went no further. 01/06/2012

 Crewe station and 86613 stood with 86638 waiting to run South with empty wagons - 86603 was at the rear. 01/06/2012

 56031 heads a line of classmates on the former diesel depot yard. 01/06/2012

 In the Heritage Centre the Duchess was brewing up. 01/06/2012

 An 11 coach Pendolino - the first I've seen. These units are designated 390/1 and have a number 1 inserted into the sequence. 01/06/2012

 I hadn't known that a Deltic was due so when 55022 "ROYAL SCOTS GREY" appeared it was a welcome surprise. The East Coast monster was on its way to prepare for The York Flyer running the next day from Didcot to York. 01/06/2012

 221115, carrying Bombardier livery arrived off the Chester line. 01/06/2012

 ...and then the circus arrived! 47580 "County of Essex" arrived with a STATESMAN RAIL ecs working to South Wales. 01/06/2012

 580 was carrying the Union flag on its body sides and sported both Union and Welsh flags on the buffer beam. 01/06/2012

 On the rear was WCR's 47854 carrying the name "Diamond Jubilee". 01/06/2012

 150258 was on the Crewe-Chester shuttle. 01/06/2012

 Having been stopped at the signals at the South end of the station, the train started to retrace its path. Apparently the train had been routed via Stafford by mistake and had to reverse on the through road in order to gain the Shrewsbury route. 01/06/2012

 580 and train repositioned. 01/06/2012

 Nameplate etc. including the "Cockney Sparrow" 01/06/2012

 Unusually, 350118 was started on its London Euston, via Stoke-on-Trent, journey from platform 12. Normally this service runs from platform 2, 3 or 4. 01/06/2012

 67029 "Royal Diamond", in DB livery, having stood dead for some time, was started up and ran onto the Chester line. 01/06/2012

 The class 67 had gone to collect 60163 "Tornado" from the Heritage Centre. 01/06/2012

 "Tornado" was on en route for York. 01/06/2012

 Sadly, although in steam, the Pacific gave no indication that it was actually alive. 01/06/2012