The Great Orme Tramway - 23rd July, 2012

 Having been to Llandudno on more occasions than I can remember, I have never ridden on the Great Orme Tramway. So this year I decided to rectify the matter. The incline is scary when you see it for the first time and the line is single track with passing loops. the tramway is divided into two sections which means a change of trams half way through the journey but it really is quite painless. On the first section we passed tram number 4 on its decent to ground level.

 The vista from the Great Orme is stunning especially on a clear day. Below is Llandudno bay with the Little Orme in the top left behind which is Penrhyn Side, Rhos-on-Sea with Colwyn Bay beyond.

 The Great Orme is a promontory and on the other (Westward) side is the magnificent Conwy Estuary with its equally magnificent Conwy Castle.

 The Conwy estuary with Dganwy centre left and Conwy Marina in the centre.

 Half way.


 Winding gear.

 Ancient Copper mine.

 No 6 on the way up. This illustrates that the line twists and turns as well as climbs. The cables and guide pulley arrangements can clearly be seen in the foreground.

 The Summit Complex, better know to us older folk as "Randy's Bar" have at one time been owned by boxer Randolph Turpin..

 No.7 in the summit station waiting to depart.

 The trolleys on the roof are no longer used, traction being via cables which take one car up while allowing the other to descend.

 Who says it always rains in Wales?

 Number 6 arriving at the summit.