Black Duchess day at Crewe and this was the sight that met me as I arrived at the station. As ever the Sun was in the wrong place and had the effect of revealing the old livery under the black giving the engine a distinct tinge of red. 24/04/2010

 On the other side the Sun was ideal, bright but not overwhelmingly so and the black paint doesn't reflect as much as the red which presented ideal conditions for some great shots. 24/04/2010

 The train from Lincoln arrived in platform 12 with WCR's 57601 in charge. 24/04/2010

 A blast from the Stanier hooter and 6233 moved forward in a cloud of steam. 24/04/2010

 6233 ran up the side of the WCML to wait while the class 57 left the train and ran onto the Chester line. 24/04/2010

 The Duchess reversed onto the train. 24/04/2010

 92009 had been waiting on the WCML to enter the station and arrived during a break in the activities. 24/04/2010

 It was closely followed by a Network Rail unit hauled by 31285.....

 .....with 31465 trailing. 24/04/2010

 No apologies if this one runs off your screen, there are Stanier Pacifics and there are other steam locomotives! 24/04/2010

 Pure magic, catch it while you can. 24/04/2010

 Tacked on the rear end was 47804. 24/04/2010

 57601 was parked up to await the return of the train from Holyhead. 24/04/2010