60163 "Tornado" reversed into platform 6 at Crewe having left the Heritage Centre where it had stabled overnight after its trip to Carlisle the day before. 15/04/2010

 While I was walking to the end of platform 6 to await the departure, Tornado's drain cocks opened and we were all covered in a cloud of steam as the locomotive left for Manchester and, presumably, York. This was a hurried departing shot hence the blur. 15/04/2010

 Two strangers in the camp were 56311 and 56312, both having arrived via the WCML from the South. 15/04/2010

 Both engines remained ticking over for about an hour. Both were present for an interesting purpose. 15/04/2010

 390025 headed North with its rear coupling exposed. On this particular day the Pendolinos appeared to be using random pantographs, some leading and some trailing. 15/04/2010

 The two class 56's left for the ARRIVA workshops with 311 leaving an impressive trail of clag. 15/04/2010

 175101 was the prototype "Hippo" but for quite some time ran as a two coach unit. 15/04/2010