With Conwy Castle and the estuary in the background, Llandudno bound 158818 is seen here passing through Deganwy. 19/7/2005

 No prizes for guessing the location of this one. I was waiting for the afternoon Llandudno-London, Voyager service and was surprised to see a green light in both directions, this being a branch line. No problem of course, because this section is double track. 221135 "Donald Campbell" is passing the residential development at Deganwy Quay which includes a five star hotel. 19/7/2005

 The Super Voyager was moving at quite a pace at this point as it headed East under gathering skies, capital bound. The approach into Llandudno Junction shows a 20 mph limit. 19/7/2005

 Colwyn Bay station and the 16.07 Holyhead-London is scheduled to have DRS class 47 number 47501 at its head. Dead on time the train snaked round the curves on the approach to the station. 17/7/2005

Sure enough it was 501 looking smart in its DRS livery - much smarter, in fact, than the "person" playing at being an aeroplane - poor soul - why do they feel the need? 17/7/2005

A quick hop to the end of the platform and 501 was waiting while the driver looked for permission to go. 17/7/2005

While he was waiting 175002 trailed behind an unidentified 175/1 en route for Holyhead. 17/7/2005

Aeroplane man was still at it! 17/7/2005

 AS 501 left he was still gyrating and not a youngster either - clearly his minder was trying to restrain him. 17/7/2005

On the rear end was DVT number 82101 "101 Squadron" still with its gold buffers and other embellishments. Clearly a lot of work has gone into preparing this vehicle for the end. 17/7/2005

 150285 entering Conwy station with both end indicators showing Blaenau Ffestiniog! 17/7/2005

 I had gone to Conwy to photograph DRS locomotive 47501 which was expected to appear on the 13.09 Holyhead-London but it was a Thunderbird that appeared from the tunnel. 17/7/2005

It turned out to be 57310 "Kyrano" with DVT in tow. 17/7/2005

 The DVT turned out to be 82126 "Wembley Traincare Centre". 17/7/2005

A trip down the Conwy River seemed a good idea on a bright, sunny, July day so off we went on the M.V. "Queen Victoria" and very pleasant it was too. While on board I took the opportunity to take this shot of an unidentified Super Voyager as it passed through Deganwy en route for London. 15/7/2005