Colwyn Bay station has been brightened up with these images, presumably created by children. 9/7/2005

 There are several of them on the up platform and there is evidence of a buildings repaint having started! 9/7/2005

 I had gone to Colwyn to catch the London-Holyhead which, today, was down for class 47 haulage. In the event the train was 90 minutes late because the train had been stopped at Chester to allow the locomotive to rescue a failed train from Shotton. Apparently there were no other locomotives available - disgraceful in the extreme if true. This is 47811 leaving Colwyn Bay. 9/7/2005

 I had purposely not bought tickets until I saw the train emerge from Penmaenrhos tunnel and quickly obtained them for the trip to Holyhead. The train had no sooner left Colwyn when an announcement was made to the effect that the train would be terminated at Llandudno Junction! What a waste of money! 9/7/2005

 Freightliner eh?

 150252 was in the bay at Llandudno junction looking smart in its ARRIVA livery. 9/7/2005

 I decided to travel the full length of the Ffestiniog Railway from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog and back. Naturally this meant travelling along the Conwy Branch from Llandudno Junction. While waiting for the "dogbox" to appear I took this shot of the London bound Voyager 221115 arriving from Holyhead. 7/7/2005

 Dogbox 153321 duly appeared from Deganwy and carried us to the top. As usual the "train" was full, hot and smelly up to Betws where it emptied out somewhat. I do hope the plan to use heritage diesels on this line comes to fruition and I also hope that he trees lining the branch will be cut back on the estuary side to allow passengers to take full advantage of the magnificent views along this line. 7/7/2005

 The dogbox arrived on time and the FR train was waiting for us. Nice to see the two companies working together to co-ordinate the train times. 7/7/2005

 An interesting yet uneventful journey down to Porthmadog with coffee and snacks along the way. The train was about ten minutes late in arrival so that left little time to buy and eat a lunch in the FR cafeteria. It would have been much better if I could have caught the following train to Blaenau but that would have meant a 2 hour wait at the top and, with all due respect, Blaenau is not really where I would chose to spend that length of time - unless I am missing something? 7/7/2005

 Away we go back to Blaenau as the Fairlie Patent locomotive barked its way on to the cob. Unfortunately I forgot to note which engines were on duty. 7/7/2005

 Rounding the curve at Boston Lodge works. 7/7/2005

 It really is an incredible line and, I am sure, not easy to maintain. This shot illustrates a part of the impressive formation. 7/7/2005

 Descending the deviation. 7/7/2005

 The deviation is a spiral of track built to gain height and avoid a flooded part of the original track at Tanygrisiau. Because of the spiral it becomes somewhat confusing to see Trawsfynedd nuclear power station, first on one side of the train and then on the other. I believe the power station is no longer in commission. 7/7/2005

 Arrival back at Blaenau where the dogbox awaited and the FR locomotive drew a lot of attention. An enjoyable, if not particularly cheap, excursion.7/7/2005