57314 "Firefly", formerly 47372, was sat in the platform 12 loop with a rake of Virgin carriages. This locomotive was released from the Brush works on 25th October 2004 and was looking very clean and smart. 24/11/2004

 Parked in what was Crewe Diesel Depot was a set of coaches in ARRIVA livery. Is this significant? 24/11/2004

37606 appeared from nowhere and ran into bay platform 3 before entering the LNWR site. 24/11/2004

Once a common site at Crewe were the class 87 AC electric locomotives. Some still survive and today saw 87033 "Thane of Fife" heading North. This is a video capture shot. 24/11/2004

 57002 "Freightliner Phoenix" pulled through platform 12 while 57314 pulled forward to the signal. 24/11/2004

 57002 had dragged the recently repaired 92147 out of the Works and left it parked at the North end of the station. It then ran round to take the 92 onto the Chester line then, presumably, to the Electric Depot. I was at the South end and missed the 92!    24/11/2004

The Network Rail "Flying Banana" had escaped me until today when 43013 led 43062 into the platform 12 loop. It paused there while 47853 "Rail Express" pulled into platform 11 with the 12.41 from Holyhead. The HST waited for 853 to run round before departing onto the Stoke line. The person on the platform slope is the driver of 853 requesting a pathway. 24/11/2004

 Two class 92's that didn't escape my lens were 92030 "Ashford" and 92043 "Debussy" which waited to be released to run out of the station and then return to leave on the Manchester line. In the background was 57310 "Kyrano" with 57302 "Virgil Tracy" nearby. Quite a day for the class 57 variants. 24/11/2004