57305 "John Tracy" positively glinted in the strong Winter sunshine while on standby at Crewe as melting ice cascaded off the awning roof. 19/11/2004

 In fact the Sun was a complete menace, producing massive contrasts as DRS's class 37 number 37605 headed South for the LNWR carriage sheds. 19/11/2004

 605 passing through the shadows. 19/11/2004

 Pendolinos are now all over Crewe like a rash! 390050 "Virgin Invader" and 390017 "Virgin Prince" are seen here both waiting to head South. 19/11/2004

 Frustration for all!!! For me it was the fact that 87022, recently repainted in DRS livery, appeared at the door of the LNWR carriage sheds together with 37605. 022 was all lit up and ready to go but my parking ticket was due to run out so I had to leave. For passengers intending to head South on a Pendolino it was that the line had become blocked somewhere South of the station. The unit was eventually brought back into the station leaving two Voyagers stuck fast in front. 19/11/2004

 I don't know if it was related to the line blockage but 66605 brought the Penmaenmawr stone train through the station en route for Basford virtual quarry (who thought that one up?). The train normally passes through the rear of the station thus avoiding the platforms. 19/11/2004

 Parked at Horse Landing were HNRC 37's numbers 37515 and 37087 "Vulcan AVRO B1 & B2". The milky shot is caused by a road gang burning up Nantwich Road just outside the station to provide a (yet another) crossing with traffic lights. More chaos pending! 19/11/2004

 Meanwhile, back at the Junction, Thunderbird 57302 "Virgil Tracy" sits waiting for business. 10/11/2004

 A view from the bridge and the complexity that is Llandudno Junction with the town of Conwy in the background and the Llandudno branch veering off to the right. 10/11/2004

The remains of what was Llandudno Station, hideously exemplified by the modernistic styling of the Super Voyager. 221117 "Sir Henry Morton Stanley" waits to leave with the 15.23 Llandudno-London service. 9/11/2004

Apparently there are proposals to develop the station site, for it is little more than that, into a transport interchange with buses, trains and taxis all sharing the facility. We'll see! 9/11/2004

 117 heading into the low Winter Sun. 9/11/2004

Twilight at Llandudno Station. 9/11/2004