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 December 1

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 37668 was on the Sandbach-Arpley "Acid" train although there was not a drop of acid to be seen. 23/12/2003

 668 was held for some time before heading round the curve for Basford Sidings. It later returned to head North up the WCML but without the wagon. 23/12/2003

 47733 "Eastern Star" was parked in bay platform 7 with three ex-Virgin coaches. It reversed the stock across the main line and into the LNWR works South of the station. 23/12/2003

 43121 brought the morning London-Holyhead into Crewe's platform 12 with 43097 trailing. 23/12/2003

 A double header? A formation I have never seen before but here it is, DVT 82122 leads 82116 South with 87030 "Black Douglas" pushing at the rear. 87022 "Lew Adams The Black Prince" in entering the station on a northbound service. 23/12/2003

87032 "Richard Fearne" heads South. 23/12/2003

 66151 was heading a maintenance train South with 66193 on the rear. 23/12/2003

47840 "North Star" was parked in platform 2 as Thunderbird but was started up and transferred on to the Diesel Depot. There, it picked up 47828 "The Severn Valley Railway" and the pair left heading South. Minutes later they returned heading North up the WCML. 23/12/2003

90029 was the second class 90 on hire to Virgin in the space of 90 minutes, it is seen here heading for Liverpool. Several Voyagers were announced into platform 5 as not for public use although they appeared to be very much in service - one heading for Reading. They all paused before heading South on the main line rather than leaving to run via Stoke-on-Trent when all other services had departed in that direction. In a period of two hours, not one Pendolino appeared - is there a problem somewhere? 23/12/2003

 47789 "Lindisfarne" collected snow plough ADB965581 from Crewe Diesel Depot yard.......


 .........it then attached ADB965580 to the other end and took both units into the depot. Do they know something we don't.........    23/12/2003


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