A Very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to everyone who has supported Rail37 over the past year.
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 37406 "The Saltire Society" is one of the remaining operational 37/4's and a distinct stranger at Crewe. Here it is hooking up to an inspection saloon. 16/12/2003

 It left the diesel depot yard, reversed on the Stoke line and then ran through the station and on to the Manchester line. 16/12/2003

 Meanwhile, also in the depot yard, were three class 37's lying dead. This one, 37517, is scheduled for store at Cardiff. 16/12/2003

 37886 "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed" remains operational. 16/12/2003

 37294 is also scheduled for store at Cardiff. 16/12/2003

 158818, in new ARRIVA livery, was on a South Wales-Manchester service. 16/12/2003

 47828 "The Severn Valley Railway" towed 90035, 90030 and 92001 through the station and on to the IEMD. 16/12/2003

 43068 led 43080 westbound with the morning London-Holyhead. 16/12/2003

The 10.30 Crewe-Holyhead service eventually left at 11.40 with 47786 "Roy Castle OBE" in charge. 16/12/2003

 66712, in GBRf livery, ran South with a freight train. 16/12/2003

 47798 "Prince William" headed a Northbound Christmas postal service. 16/12/2003


I was en route for Holyhead (see below) and a quick visit to the South end of the station revealed an old coastal favourite 37426 heading into the light - literally! 426 has been sent back to Crewe to die as it is going into store on 12th December. 10/12/2003

Caught in the low Winter Sun, the 37 was held.........

 ......before running round onto the Shrewsbury line. Is this the big farewell? 10/12/2003

Ironically, a few minutes later, another 37/4 due for store arrived with what appeared to be a Sandbach Acid run. 37428 "Loch Long/Loch Awe" passed through the centre road and headed for Basford Sidings for reversal. 10/12/2003

Another one heads off into the light........10/12/2003

 Last journey to Holyhead? I decided to take a run on the Crewe-Holyhead loco hauled service for what may be the last time before the 47's are replaced by diesel units...but will they? This shot is taken from the train and features Conwy Castle and the harbour - click for a full report. 10/12/2003


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