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 47732 "Restormel" leaving Crewe with the 10.21 Birmingham-Holyhead and running on time despite the earlier signalling problems at Birmingham. 2/8/2003

 47739 "Resourceful" arriving at Crewe with the 09.21 Holyhead-London service. 22/8/2003

 Purple liveried class 87 number 87002 took over the London train. 22/8/2003

 DRS locos numbers 37259 and 37606 stormed through Crewe station en route North. 22/8/2003

 87034 "William Shakespeare" leaving Crewe with a DVT following and 87029 "Earl Marischal" dead on the rear end. 20/8/2003

 Sat waiting for business was Thunderbird 57303 "Alan Tracy" This locomotive was formerly 47705 our old coastal thunderbird friend "Guy Fawkes". 20/8/2003

 Testing of the new OLE between Crewe and Kidsgrove has commenced and today the Serco test train was top and tailed by Freightliner locomotives 47292 and........

 .....47805 (formerly "Pride of Toton") in Virgin livery with Freightliner stickers on the cabs. 20/8/2003

 Telephoto on as power car 43123 is caught passing the LNWR workshops at Crewe with the 09.26 Holyhead - London. 43067 was leading. 16/8/2003

 Closely followed by 47737 "Resurgent" with the 10.21 Birmingham - Holyhead. Note the bi-directional track. 16/8/2003

 Crewe Diesel Depot scrap line with 37896 on the right then 47780 and 47759. The rest were unidentifiable from the platform. 15/8/2003

 90040 "The Railway Mission" arrived with the 08.40 London-Holyhead where it was detached in favour of diesel power. In the background is 86212 "Preston Guild". 15/8/2003

The class 90 left and was replaced by 47810 "Porterbrook". 15/8/2003

 After some delay 47810 left for Holyhead. 15/8/2003

 The Birmingham-Holyhead followed later with 47732 "Restormel" at the head. 15/8/2003

 Friday is Sandbach acid day which today produced 37709. 15/8/2003

 One day very soon it will be the last time we see class 86 electrics on passenger work at Crewe.
Today 86259 "Les Ross" headed North.

 A very smart looking 142070 was providing the Crewe-Chester shuttle. 15/8/2003

37709 returned. 15/8/2003


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