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 The end for the Virgin class 86's is now very near but 86212 "Preston Guild 1328 - 1992" plods on as it receives a "going over" at Crewe. 12/8/2003

 37668 lies dead on the diesel depot sandwiched between 47737"Resurgent" and 66191. 12/8/2003

 43080 leads 43067 into Crewe with the morning London-Holyhead. 12/8/2003

 47843 "Vulcan" ran into bay platform 7 and just sat there! 12/8/2003

 47793 "Christopher Wren" leaving platform 12 with the 10.21 Birmingham-Holyhead. 12/8/2003

 Yet another class 86 as 86247 "Abraham Darby" enters platform 11 with a Euston-Liverpool service. 12/8/2003

 47746 "The Bobby" came from the North with 66007 in tow. The pair reversed into the diesel depot yard and the shed was immediately collected by the depot shunter "Silver Fox" and taken inside. 12/8/2003

 The Sandbach-Arpley acid train still generates interest as it often produces a class 37. Today it was 37798 in the magnificent "Mainline" livery. Here the train is waiting to depart for Arpley. 12/8/2003

The Sandbach Acid tanks still produce 37's and today 37706 had arrived at Crewe and run round its train before heading North for Warrington. 5/8/2003

There was another 37 treat in store as 37698 in "loadhaul" livery drew in to bay platform 7. 5/8/2003

The locomotive was fitted with EWS liveried side panel on both sides. 5/8/2003

43103 was leading 43067 as it pulled in to platform 6 with the morning London-Holyhead. Because there is currently no lead onto the Chester line from platform 6 it was reasonable to assume there was something wrong. Indeed the train was terminated at Crewe and passengers were directed over to platform 11 to await further information. Soon after the 10.21 Birmingham-Holyhead pulled in to platform 11 in the form of a 175 unit instead of the normal class47 + 4 whereupon the passengers tried to board it. Virgin staff had to stop the boarding and advise that another train would follow the 175 which quickly left. The 09.26 Holyhead-London pulled into platform 11 with 43093 leading 43092 where the service was terminated. Passengers for London were told to cross to platform 5 where the next train would arrive in 40 minutes while Holyhead passengers were told to board 43093+43092 which subsequently left for Holyhead again. Meanwhile, 43103+43067 left for Manchester. Confused?..... 5/8/2003

Repainted, unnamed class 87 number 87002 departed for Manchester. 5/8/2003

 Class 86 locomotives are still to be seen as Freightliner's 86611 "Airey Neave" and 86621 "London School of Economics" headed for the Electric Depot. 5/8/2003

 Yet another class 86 but his time apparently in trouble as 86229 "Lions Clubs International" was dragged to Preston by "Thunderbird" 57311 "Parker". 5/8/2003

 47812, formerly "Pride of Eastleigh" in old Virgin livery but with "Freightliner" decals attached to its cabs came down the WCML with one coach in tow. 5/8/2003


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