Waiting to see Deltic 9016 at Crewe was made easier by the sight of 37886 "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed" arriving on the centre road. it later went onto the depot pumps to refuel. 282/3/2002

 Fragonset's 33108 made a surprise appearance as it headed North up the West Coast Main Line. 28/3/2002

 47829 rounded the curve from Chester with the 9.19 Holyhead-London. 28/3/2002

 47829 is painted out in "Police" livery - quite smart really but somewhat demeaning. 28/3/2002

 Same place, same time of day, different locomotive. 47841 "Spirit of Chester" passing the site of Worleston station with the 9.19 Holyhead-London. 27/3/2002

 47854 "Women's Royal Voluntary Service" thrashes through Worleston and the Cheshire countryside in beautiful Spring sunshine with the 9.19 Holyhead-London. 26/3/2002

 37418 "East Lancashire Railway" storming away from Crewe with the 10.28 Wales & Borders service for Cardiff. This scene was reminiscent of the Holyhead-Birmingham trains in the days of 37/4 haulage (he sobbed). 25/3/2002

 37418 reversed its stock from the carriage sidings into bay platform 7. 25/3/2002

 Good to see the 37/4's back on scheduled services albeit for only four days. Apparently 37401 had worked the Manchester Piccadilly-Cardiff service earlier. 25/3/2002

 Ready for the off. 25/3/2002

 A Serco test train drew into platform 12 with 47767 "Saint Columba" at the head and 47780 bringing up the rear. The train is seen here leaving to head off up the West Coast Main Line. 25/3/2002

 It was a RES day today as 47749 "Atlantic College" brought in the 9.19 Holyhead-London to be replaced by 87031 "Hal o' The Wynd". 25/3/2002

 As I was leaving Crewe station, I noticed 47757 "Restitution" drawing into the old Horse Landing siding with some mail vans - reason unknown. 25/3/2002

 A visit to Crewe station to see the footex specials and a surprise at the Diesel depot. 37418 "East Lancashire Railway", 37401 "The Royal Scotsman" (surely forever "Mary Queen of Scots" to NWC fans) and what is probably 37710 at the rear. Nice to see two old friends again. 24/3/2002

 The first of the Cardiff bound specials arrived from Blackpool behind Fragonset locomotives 33108 and 31602. 24/3/2002

 The train left quickly and it was again disappointing to witness the foul abuse hurled at the photographers on the platform by the Blackpool "supporters". I have said it before, the worst part of these episodes is that young children see their parents foul mouthing and gesturing and so feel obliged to join in. Who is the guilty party and what chance do the children have? 24/3/2002

 Shortly afterwards the two class 37's from the Ian Riley stable reversed their stock into platform 12. 24/3/2002

 37197 and 37038 reversing from the carriage sidings. 24/3/2002

 The two class 37's leaving for Cardiff!!! 24/3/2002

 The last vehicle on the train was a "Riviera Trains" generator car. 24/3/2002

 While the 37's were waiting to leave, the 10.53 for Liverpool, headed by 87019 "Winston Churchill", was dragged into Crewe by 47749 "Atlantic College". I assume this was due to OLE problems or diversions because the 47 was removed at Crewe and the 87 took the train on to Liverpool. 24/3/2002