March 2002

 A second test run for 9016 and reversal into platform 11, this time with stock and 47780 for company. 28/3/2002

 Time to go and a sight to behold! 28/3/2002

 It was truly magnificent to watch, who says railways are boring nowadays. The sound of the Deltic under load as it headed South was something rarely heard this side of the Pennines. 28/3/2002

 Who's the lucky one in the coach then? 28/3/2002

 About three hours later the high nose was visible from a distance and 9016 eased off towards the station only to get a green and the throttle was opened. This was the best shot I could get, I unfortunately fired the shutter too soon but it was shifting some and one can't be too careful. 28/3/2002

 The poor 47 was being thrashed around on the tail end as the train sped North up the West Coast Main Line. 28/3/2002

 At Last! - After many years languishing at Crewe Deltic 9016 "Gordon Highlander", with 37197 for insurance, entered Crewe Diesel Depot to fuel up in readiness for a thrash along the North Wales Coast. Thanks to Charlie Hulme's North Wales Coast website for the advanced warning of this movement. 21/3/2002

 9016, with 37197 attached, left the LNWR depot and, after pausing for checks on the various light clusters, the Napier engines were opened up with a cloud of smoke/diesel vapour. I have to say the sound of a Deltic is unfamiliar to me but it did sound rather good and it would have been nice to ride behind it along the coast. 21/3/2002

 The two crossed slowly over the running lines to enter the Diesel depot for fuelling up. They posed nicely for a few minutes at the end of the redundant platform while a line of depot personnel came out to see the locomotive. The paint finish has to be seen to be believed. 21/3/2002

 Into the headshunt and then reversed onto the pumps. 21/3/2002

 Fuelling up with 67004 in attendance. What an experience - here's to some more of the purple Deltic. 21/3/2002