JULY 2002

 Part One

 37675 "Margam TMD" on Crewe Diesel Depot. 25/7/2002

 87027 "Wolf of Badenoch" poses in the sunshine while waiting to take over the 9.19 Holyhead-London. 25/7/2002

 43008 trailing 43099 on the 8.05 London-Holyhead. 25/7/2002

 47787 "Windsor Castle" leaving Crewe's platform 12 with the 10.07 Birmingham-Holyhead. 25/7/2002

 Shortly after the Holyhead train had left, green liveried D1648/47851 "Traction Magazine" arrived at Crewe with the 9.19 Holyhead-London where it handed over to 87027. 25/7/2002

 87003 "Patriot" rattled past on the down through line en route for Glasgow. See the 87's hammering through here while you can. It is now noticeable that there are very few class 86 passenger workings with the consequential increase in Voyagers. You have been warned! 25/7/2002

 56069 "Wolverhampton Steel Terminal" passed through the platform 12 loop with what I assume was the Arpley-Sandbach acid service. 56069 and tanks later returned through platform 6 and departed on the Manchester line. If it was the Sandbach acid train it was running late. 19/7/2002

 An old coastline substitute, Summer workings only (!), 37521 "English China Clays" parked on the Diesel Depot. 19/7/2002

 47635 was pulling 57005 "Freightliner Excellence" all over the depot yard. 19/7/2002

 Posh class 47 number 47787 "Windsor Castle" was on the Birmingham-Holyhead run today and is seen here entering Crewe's platform 12 with the 10.07 service from Birmingham. 19/7/2002

 A few minutes later celebrity class 47 number 47851/D1648 "Traction Magazine" arrived with the 9.19 Holyhead-London. The train was propelled South by 87016 "Willesden Intercity Depot". 19/7/2002


 Part One