JULY 2002

 Part Two

 A morning trip to Chester and back to record the two class 47 workings while they survive. The journey out was performed by "Hippo" 175008 which, I only realised as it was leaving, carries a name sticker "Valhalla Blackpool Pleasure Beach." The ride in these trains is very good, extremely smooth and so quiet that the only real noise in the carriage was the rustling of newspapers. There were some interesting sounds produced by what I assume was the transmission, not loud or obtrusive, just interesting. The return journey was in 150146 forming the 12.00 Chester-Manchester Airport - just no comparison! 16/7/2002

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London arrived on time behind 47839 "Pride of Saltley" seen here approaching Chester Station. 16/7/2002

 47839 entering Chester. 16/7/2002

 At the same time that the class 47 entered Chester so did the HST set forming the 08.33 London-Holyhead. The leading power car, seen here heading West, was 43079 with 43008 trailing. 16/7/2002

 Next was the 10.07 Birmingham-Holyhead with 47773 "Reservist" at the head. 16/7/2002

 175103 "Mum" - what can you say?

 Close up of the "nameplate" which appears to be on one end only over the first window and I can't confirm that it is applied on both sides.

 I received word that the morning London-Holyhead HST had not appeared and that the train comprised a loco hauled set. I went to Crewe to catch it returning and had all the time in the world to take this shot - and blew it! This was the best I could make of what would have been a nice view of 47787 "Windsor Castle" on the 13.35 from Holyhead. You win some.............

 The class 47 was detached for the journey South and 87008 "City of Liverpool" took over at the rear. Shortly after it had departed, the 14.02 Holyhead-Birmingham left from platform 11 with 47789 "Lindisfarne" looking good in the sunshine despite the black cloud hovering. We can't complain about the variety of locomotives on these services. 11/7/02

 47727 "Duke of Edinburgh's Award" bringing stock from the carriage sidings into Crewe's platform 12 at around 15.20 today. The locomotive later ran round the stock and reattached at the South end to form the 16.00 for Birmingham which should have started from Holyhead. Granada TV are reporting an incident on the North Wales line at Connah's Quay when a Radyr-Holyhead train struck three stray horses on the line. One horse apparently ran off but one was trapped under the train, dead. I assume that this is why the train started from Crewe. 9/7/2002

 Meanwhile a Serco train had arrived in the loop hauled by 47780........

 .....with 56095 at the rear. The Class 56 was detached and replaced by 47770 "Reserved". The train then left to head off up the Stoke line. 9/7/2002

 56067 stormed off South light engine. 9/7/2002

 47761 pulling away from Chester with the 10.08 Birmingham-Holyhead working. Click the picture to see more shots from my "ride the rails" outing. 3/7/2002

 While waiting for the 47 to arrive at Crewe, 37797 arrived from the North travelling light engine. It later went onto the Crewe Diesel Depot fuel pumps. 3/7/2002

 Also passing through was 90022 "Charles Dickens" with what appeared to be a train of empty steel coil carriers of French origin. The cynical humour surrounding the current problems with illegal immigrants was apparent on one of the wagons' covers.


 Part Two