A nice shot of 47759 towing 37674 "St Blaize Church 1445-1995" through Crewe Station heading South. I guess they went onto Crewe Diesel Depot but cannot confirm. 30/01/02

 The same pair approaching the camera. 30/01/02

 Crewe Diesel Depot and 37057 "Viking" at rest with a dilapidated class 47 in the background. 30/01/02

 The Voyagers are continuing to make inroads on the West Coast Main Line as 220 033 pauses in platform 5 with an Edinburgh bound train taking in Manchester en route. 220 032 was at the rear. 30/01/02

 66015 came off the Manchester line with a "tunnel" bound freight. 30/01/02

 90224' with its pseudo GNER livery, ran through with a set of mail vans. 30/01/02

 220 017 came off the Manchester line to dive down into platform 1 with what was probably a Manchester-Brighton train. 220 030 was at the rear. 30/01/02

 87024 "Lord of the Isles" left platform 11 with a London-Liverpool train. 30/01/02

 Closely followed by 220 015 also en route for Merseyside. The headlights on these trains are very bright. 30/01/02

 66151 passed through on the the centre road with a loaded merry-go-round coal train. 30/01/02

 "Freightliner" locomotives pass through Crewe station with 47150 hauling 86607. 86259 lurks in the background, waiting......

 47810 "Porterbrook" brought the 9.19 Holyhead-London into Crewe where it handed over to 86259 "Greater Manchester The Life and Soul of Britain". 23/01/2002

 Crewe was full of "RES" liveried 47's today. These three on Crewe Diesel Depot were (R to L), 47739 "Resourceful", 47778 "Irresistible" and 47774 "Poste Restante". 23/01/2001

 Prototype(?) "Voyager" number 220 001 passed through the platform 12 loop heading South. The train had passengers on board but it looked like a charter to me. This is the first time I have seen a class 220 out on its own. 23/01/2002

 90020 was messing about for some time before it brought a train of empty mail vans into the platform 12 loop and parked. 23/01/2002

 The configuration of the Virgin sets has gone haywire of late, this is the down "Royal Scot" heading for Glasgow with the locomotive at the rear. Normally the DVT is at the rear when heading North. The locomotive is 87002 "Royal Sovereign" going fast, non-stop, through Crewe. 23/01/2002

 The Sandbach-Arpley acid tanks was class 60 hauled today with 60004 in charge. 23/01/2002