47772 makes a smoky start from Crewe with the 07.20hrs London-Holyhead. 19/01/2002

 60023 poses in the sunshine with a diverted Dee Marsh steel train. The driver later locked up, applied the wagon handbrakes and left the train. 19/1/2002

 This, believe it or not, is a colour shot. It demonstrates the difference the sun can make to photography, here bleaching out the train colour from 60023. 19/01/2002

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London arrived behind 47805 which handed over to AC traction and ran North up the WCML. 19/01/2002

 09022 was sat ticking over in the Diesel Depot yard with 60041 in tow. 19/01/2002

 87017 "Iron Duke" caught the morning sun as it propelled its train to London. 19/01/2002

 One of the many "drags" on offer today, 47844 approaches Crewe on a London train with 87010 "King Arthur" attached, at the rear. The 47 was detached at Crewe and the 87 took over. 4/1/2002

 Crewe Diesel depot and 37675 seems to have escaped storage for the time being. 4/1/2002

 The wires were down North of Crewe and chaos reigned with many "drags" happening. Most Liverpool trains were cancelled or terminated at Crewe with a fleet of buses outside but this one seemed to be getting through. EWS power in the form of 86401 "Hertfordshire Rail Tours" headed the train for Liverpool with 87028 "Lord President" dead on the rear. Did the 87 fail or was it a positioning move? 4/1/2002

 47854 "Women's Royal Voluntary Service" was held outside the station for quite some time with what I believe to be the Poole-Liverpool train, 11.45 ex-Crewe. It was eventually put into platform 12 where it was terminated. 4/1/2002

 Attached to the rear, and dead, was 47840 "North Star". 4/1/2002

 The 08.30 Euston-Holyhead, due out of Crewe at 10.45, eventually left at 12.10 due to a fault on the train somewhere well South of Crewe. The HST was formed with 43080 leading 43178 (pictured). The temperature was now -3 Celsius with a wind chill factor approaching absolute zero so I left. 4/1/2002