The Sandbach-Arpley acid tanks are not an every day event nor are they always 37 hauled. However, today it was "Mainline" liveried 37798 in charge and good it looks in blue. Here it crosses over from the Manchester line to run to Basford Sidings where it reverses and runs North to Warrington.5/2/2002

 I had gone to Crewe to see the Class 37 hauled training run to Cardiff due to leave at 09.45. When I arrived there were two locos + stock in platform 12 waiting to leave and, as the sun was unfavourable, I decided to cross to platform 6 to take some side shots. It was only 09.35 when I got to platform 6 and was strolling along when they set off. All I could do was switch to telephoto and shoot - this is the result - not too bad under the circumstances as 37038+37197 race away from Crewe. 5/2/2002

 92026 "Britten" unusually arrived in platform 6 where a crew change took place. The train set off for Manchester and, later in the day, the locomotive returned to Crewe as a light engine. 5/2/2002

 37798 returned from Basford to head North along the West Coast Main Line. 5/2/2002


 Formerly a class 158 working, this Liverpool - Portsmouth service is now a "Voyager" - in this case 220022. 5/2/2002

 The Poole-Liverpool service, 11.45 ex-Crewe, arrived 30 minutes late behind 47747 "Graham Farish" with 47812 attached to the rear. How long before this goes Voyager? 5/2/2002

 47822 "Spirit of Shrewsbury" brought in the 9.19 Holyhead-London where it handed over to 87012 "Coeur de Lion". 5/2/2002

 47841 "Spirit of Chester" enters Crewe in a downpour with he 9.19 Holyhead-London to hand over to AC traction in the form of 87012 "Coeur de Lion". 02/02/2002

 90008 "The Birmingham Royal Ballet" entering Crewe's platform 11 on time after its sprint from London with the 07.20 for Holyhead. 02/02/2002

 The class 90 stopped at the North end of platform 11 in readiness for uncoupling from the train while its replacement class 47 waits in the background. 02/02/2002

 The 47, RES liveried 47772, reversed onto the train for the romp along the North Wales Coast to Holyhead. 02/02/2002

 Class 37 number 37798, in "Mainline" livery, sneaked round from the IEMD with 325009 in tow. 02/02/2002

 Celebrity Class 47 number 47847 "Brian Morrison" drew into platform 5 with an Edinburgh service running via Manchester from Crewe at 10.35. 02/02/2002

 The 47 stormed away to gain the Manchester line - note the second coach still carrying the "INTERCITY" brand. 02/02/2002

 87012 "Coeur de Lion" ran out to wait for the 9.19 ex Holyhead to arrive behind 47841 (see top) and take over for the journey to London Euston. 02/02/2002

 142038 received a green together with a "C" on the indicator, signifying its routing on the Chester line. This was a Manchester Airport-Chester service. 02/02/2002

 The Stoke-on-Trent line was closed today for the commissioning of new signaling systems and this meant diversions via Crewe. This service is hauled by 86214 "Sans Pareil" also still carrying the "INTERCITY" livery. 02/02/2002

 Another Manchester bound diversion ran through the centre road to head North West for the Rainy City. However there was more than enough rain at Crewe and 86260 "Driver Wallace Oakes G.C." leans over as it propels its train towards Sandbach in monsoon conditions. This shot was taken at about 11.45hrs. 02/02/2002