Two class 37's from the Ian Riley stable, 37038 and 37197, ran North through Crewe's platform 12 and onto the Chester line. They soon returned and ran back via the platform 12 loop. 13/2/2002

 37174 entered Crewe Diesel Depot yard from the South and paused at a signal before proceeding. Amongst the scrap class 47's can be seen 37407 "Blackpool Tower" which has been moved from the rear scrap line. Restoration or Wigan??? 13/2/2002

 90031 passed rapidly through on a mail train. 13/2/2002

 66004 headed South on a Merry-Go-Round coal train and guess what? - it was pouring with rain! 13/2/2002

 47831 "Bolton Wanderer" drew into platform 6 from Liverpool with the 15.52 for Poole. 13/2/2002

 43067+43084 arrived to form the 15.45 for London Euston ex-Holyhead. 13/2/2002

 I came off the A500 to join the M6 at Junction 16 to see Class 37 number 37384 parked up in the special loads bay. Out with the camera and here are 3 shots of the loco. There is a tenuous connection with the North Wales Coast in that on 17th July 1999 it worked the 10.18 Crewe-Bangor and the return 12.22 Bangor-Crewe. Thanks to the Class 37 Locomotive Group website for the information.10/2/2002

 Although in relatively poor external condition with moss growing on its side, 384 still retains the majesty that is the class 37 locomotive. 10/2/2002

 Sold! - The locomotive had come from Wigan CRDC and its destination is believed to be the Brush Works at Loughborough. 10/2/2001

 Another attempt at shooting the class 37 double headed training run at Crewe and this time I caught the pair, 37038 and 37197, reversing into platform 12 with their "Riviera" stock. Here 37038 awaits the green to go. 6/2/2002

 The two locomotives, from the Riley & Son Ltd. stable, paused only momentarily before receiving permission to go and charged off onto the Shrewsbury line for South Wales. 6/2/2002

 I had to call round by Crewe IEMD and took the opportunity to photograph the lines of withdrawn (stored!) locomotives on display in the sunshine. I didn't have time to log the numbers but of note is the leading 86 which is sat on piles of old sleepers minus bogies. There is also a buffer missing and, of course, windows smashed. 6/2/2002

 The rows of Class 92 locomotives sat idle is disgraceful to say the least. 6/2/2002