August 2

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London leans as it enters Colwyn Bay station behind 47847 "Brian Morrison". 6/8/2002

 Different liveries as the yellow, blue and white large logo come into view contrasting with the red and white Virgin colours. 6/8/2002

 A brief pause and then the 47 pulls away for its cruise along the coast. 6/8/2002

 The 10.07 Birmingham-Holyhead is scheduled to leave Colwyn Bay, Westbound, at 12.15 and there was I stood looking towards Penmaenhead waiting for it to appear from the tunnel. A chance glance towards the station revealed a set of four just leaving and heading East! Moving faster than ever before I managed these shots of the train which was double headed and travelling the wrong way. The pilot engine was 47782 with 47750 "Atlas" dead in tow after failing. 5/8/2002

 The two 47's and stock head towards Penmaenhead tunnel with the "different" arched footbridge traversing the A55 North Wales Expressway. Don't you just love the North Wales Coast Line? 5/8/2002

 A (probable?) class 158 winding its way past Llandullas heading towards Abergele, the station is just visible in the background. 5/8/2002

 47784 "Condover Hall" prepares to leave Crewe with the 8.05 London-Holyhead for the last time as a loco hauled service. Click the picture for more. 3/8/2002

 A trip to Colwyn Bay and the opportunity to photograph the morning Holyhead-London Virgin service. Just as we lost the 37's on the coast line, soon we will see the last of the scheduled Virgin 47's. I hope to bring regular sightings of these trains as they prepare to become history.

 Colwyn Bay station and 175105 departs into the midsummer gloom, destination Holyhead. 1/8/2002

 Minutes later 47826 "Springburn" entered the station with the 9.19 Holyhead-London, It looks more like November than 1st August. 1/8/2002

 Rolling to a halt. The superelevation in this station is quite dramatic. 1/8/2002

 Contrasting designs, soon the DVT's will no longer be a feature on the North Wales Coast line. 1/8/2002

 "Springburn" prepares to leave for Crewe and AC traction to London. 1/8/2002

 Storming East into the gloom. 1/8/2002


August 2