JULY 30th 2004

 Well finally it arrived. 57301 "Scott Tracy" at the head of Pendolino 390040 "Virgin Pathfinder" (at least someone has a sense of humour!) entering Colwyn Bay station.
More shots Saturday.

Drifting in to Colwyn station.

 390040 "Virgin Pathfinder" the first Pendolino to run along the North Wales Coast line - history in the making. We look forward to it returning under its own power one day!

They are a good match.

The sleek lines of modern transport - let's hope they live up to their promises. The train stopped in the station but I don't know if this was planned or if it was a signal check. The track is super elevated at Colwyn so maybe it was a clearance check.

Usually, when I decide to run the length of the platform, the train leaves just as I get near to it! Today we were in luck and, just 4 minutes after arriving, the 57 started to leave.

 Yes, I think it is a smart rig and I am sure we all wish them well.

 No wires!


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