So! This is it then, the final run for locomotive haulage on the ATW Crewe-Holyhead services. We saw the end to 37 haulage several times, even went on a two day farewell tour although it wasn't farewell until some months later. However, the general demise of EWS class 47's does seem to spell the end for these services at least and there are no stories of a reprieve. It seems clear that there will be loco haulage on the coast for a few months more as class 67's are believed to be in training (!) for duties on the Virgin, London-Holyhead services through to September.
Today I decided to travel to Chester on the 15.27 from Crewe which was hauled by 47750 seen above arriving with the 12.48 from Holyhead. The locomotive had been fitted with a headboard denoting "BRUSH FAREWELL CREWE HOLYHEAD" a nice touch.

750 performed the time honoured run-round for the last time.

Approaching platform 12.

Hidden under that bridge which has put locomotives in darkness for generations while, at the same time, filling the pedestrian overbridge with choking diesel fumes. Ah well, no more......

 The headboard.

 I detrained at Chester and photographed the engine as it waited to leave. The headboard caused some merriment amongst the crew, oh how they laughed.....

 47750 framed by the overbridge and all over bar the shouting. Actually the train was scheduled to return to Birmingham New Street and the Holyhead again in order to form the 06.38 Bangor-Manchester Piccadilly tomorrow.

Now the sightseeing as 67004 returns to Chester and then Crewe after it's route learning trip to Holyhead.
Thanks to Deiniol Williams and his now, sadly, defunct website RAILHEAD for the information on this working.

 Booked to stop at Chester for two minutes, the train carried on straight through the station!

 The T&T class 31's were scheduled to leave Chester for Blackpool two minutes after the Holyhead train which meant I didn't make it to the other end of Chester station in time to see them go. Telephoto it was then but at least I can see them on another occasion. The front end.....

 .....and the back end.

 175004 was parked in the station waiting to leave for Manchester. The Sun was hitting the side to reveal livery from days gone by.

 Back at Crewe 47841 "Spirit of Chester" was parked with 92033 and, presumably, waiting to take the evening London-Holyhead westwards (maybe).