March 26th 2002

 The magnificence of the 37! - 37418 "East Lancashire Railway" stands ready to leave Wrenbury station with the 10.28, Wales & Borders, Crewe-Cardiff service.

 The second day of the Wales & Borders loco hauled Crewe-Cardiff services and I decided to shoot the 37/4 in a different location, having used up just about every variation possible at Crewe station. It was a beautiful Spring day so off into the wilds of Cheshire, to Wrenbury where I knew the train would be stopping. A long straight stretch of track leads up to the station and the 37 could be seen miles away in the distance. 26/3/2002

 The semaphore was lifted as the train drifted into the platform - it was 37418 again so no swapping the roster with 401 today. 26/3/2002

 What a perfect day and what a perfect sight. 26/3/2002

 The locomotive stopped out on the road crossing so a quick forward facing shot and then onto the road to get one at track level (Top Picture). 26/3/2002

 Away quickly after picking up several passengers and the repainted stock with "Riviera" branding can be seen. 26/3/2002

 Onto the right hander in the far distance. I had hoped to hear the growl into the distance but the birds were singing too loudly - honest! 26/3/2002

 Earlier, 158833 had appeared and was slowing down with the signal against it even though the level crossing barriers were raised.....

 ....the signal was raised at the last minute and the train pulled forward. I then noticed that there was a red flag hanging from the signal box window so the train stopped and the driver chatted to the signal man. The 158 then set off, I assume under caution but not the reason why. It was all happening at Wrenbury today! 26/3/2002

 It is a charming little signal box, a pity there aren't full crossing gates to set the period scene. 26/3/2002

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