APRIL 13th 2002


 Back home again, 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" passes the site of Crewe North shed, a place it must have visited many times during its previous career with the LMS and British Rail. Today the locomotive was hauling a Derby-Blackpool special.

 Apparently this is LMS red whereas the "other one" is in BR red. Whatever - it looks great. The train is here just arriving at Crewe's platform 12.

 How many times has a Stanier Pacific graced the platforms at Crewe?

 Looking good from any angle. I don't know what it was burning but a couple of minutes at the top of the stairs was more than enough to put up with - the fumes were awful to say the least.

 The crowds gathered quickly.

 Storming away from platform 12 en route for Blackpool.

 Absolutely priceless!