37416 "Concrete Bob" and 37411 "The Scottish Railway Preservation Society" leaving platform 5 at Crewe with a Cardiff bound footex special. This was the first time I had seen 37416 but did see 411 on the coast in the guise of "Ty Hafan".

 Barking Britain again. There were quite a number of photographers on the platform end to see the specials and the foul mouthed abuse and obscene gestures they endured from these so called sports fans was quite outrageous. Proud(!) Preston and Bolton Wanderers should be totally ashamed of what purport to be supporters - these arrogant yet sad individuals do their respective clubs no favours at all. I find it hard to comprehend how this primaeval tribe can sanctimoniously hurl abuse and ridicule at a few harmless photographers yet waste their hard earned cash lining the pockets of a bunch of overpaid, under worked, childish morons in the name of sport! Do these nomadic amoebae appreciate just who the real mugs are? 28/05/2001


 Back to the serious points in life as DRS 37607 and 37608 wait at platform 12 with the 09.11 Crewe - Cardiff. 28/05/2001

 37038 makes yet another appearance at Crewe, this time with its old friend 37029 on the 8.30 from Manchester. 28/05/2001

 The coup of the year for me was the (eventual) appearance of 37416 and 37411 on the Fishwick charter from Preston. The train appeared at Crewe running approximately 90 minutes late. 28/05/2001

 The train left with both locomotives looking and sounding great. "Concrete Bob" was formerly carried by 37425 and "The Scottish Railway Preservation Society" by 37413 - now both withdrawn. 28/05/2001

 Fragonset Class 31's numbers 31190 "Gryphon" and 31601 "Bletchley Park 'Station X' " appeared on an unknown footex special. 28/05/2001

 47722 "The Queen Mother" was one of many class 47's seen today...... was 47744 "Royal Mail Cheltenham" on a charter special.......

 ...and 47769 "Resolve" on the 9.19 Holyhead - London, unusually brought into platform 6 today. 28/05/2001

 47732 "Restormel" stopped in platform 5 with yet another footex special while 47818 "Strathclyde" passed through on the centre road with a southbound express. 28/05/2001

 And finally... after collecting them from around the Diesel Depot yard, 66222 headed for Warrington with 60034, 60001 and 60038 in tow. All in all one heck of a morning. 28/05/2001