25th November 2001

Yet more rugby specials from Crewe but first a visit to the diesel depot to find 37606 parked up. 25/11/2001

A few minutes later 37216 ran through the station on a track maintenance train then to enter the depot yard from the South and run onto the fuel point. 25/11/2001

37401 "Royal Scotsman", formerly "Mary Queen of Scots" during its North Wales Coast days, ran into platform 11 with the empty stock for 1Z10 the 09.00 for Cardiff. 1Z66 has earlier left at 08.15 behind 37412 "Driver John Elliott" running 15 minutes down. 25/11/2001

What a shame there was apparent need to rename this locomotive. 25/11/2001

The weather was absolutely appalling with incessant rain and very little light hence the grainy pictures. 25/11/2001

Starting off dead on time. 25/11/2001

Away into the gloom via Chester and Wrexham because of engineering works on the traditional route through Nantwich. 25/11/2001

37411's nameplate ex 37413, now withdrawn.

37411 was parked on the diesel depot and was started up with no effort and little smoke. 25/11/2001

The locomotive drew forward to the headshunt. 25/11/2001

Returned and crossed over the running lines en route for the carriage sidings to collect the stock. 25/11/2001

411 soon returned to follow 401 into platform 11 to form 1Z11, the 10.10 for Cardiff. 25/11/2001

It has always been the habit of class 37 locomotives to hide under bridges at Crewe, such is the layout of the station. On this occasion 411 was half in and half out, a dash of flash reflecting off the warning strips. 25/11/2001

Flash again nullified the backlight to produce a reasonable shot with a setting at ASA800. 25/11/2001

Time to go and the weather was worsening, dark and (very) wet. 25/11/2001

Holding an umbrella in a semi gale while trying to photograph trains is not the easiest of hobbies. 25/11/2001

Away past the LNWR workshops and Crewe heritage Centre. Will I be at Crewe for the return trains - no! 25/11/2001

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