13th October 2001

Long lost from the North Wales Coast is 37/4 number 37412 "Driver John Elliott". When I first saw it on the coast it was in a terrible state but, despite its outward appearance, it has survived many of its fellow class members. Today it was on 1Z10, the 08.00 from Crewe to Cardiff.

It was a dank, misty morning albeit quite warm but not good for clear, sharp pictures. In steam days it would have been referred to as "atmospheric"! Still, it was worth getting up early to see it again.

A smoky start from platform 12.....

...and away into the mist.

37418 "East Lancashire Railway" was next, good to see another ex-coastliner at Crewe.

Impressive nose!

Another smoker but more than enough power and sounding great.

En route Cardiff.

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