Duchess of Sutherland
Stanier Pacific 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" visited its Crewe birthplace in preparation for the first of two runs along the North Wales Coast to Holyhead on Sunday 14th and 21st October 2001. These images record the arrival at Crewe on 12th October and the first coastal outing on 14th October

 The first sighting on the coast was at Colwyn Bay where I had intended to go aloft to shoot from track level. Sadly I arrived too late but just managed to catch the loco as it travelled along the embankment towards the station.

 The next view was at Llandudno Junction where the engine was taking on water, Sir William got it just right - how can you improve on perfection?

 A view from the bridge.

 Another view, another bridge and lots of people.

Ancient and modern as 175110 arrived in tandem with some other hippo en route for Holyhead.

 A leisurely run round to Conwy Castle to see the pacific emerge from the tubular bridge. The driver opened up just as the engine was leaving the tube.....

......continued as it skirted the castle.....

 ....and on through the station. How did I manage that? Well, I didn't, the good lady Wife was seconded in readiness as it came through the arch.

 Now you don't often see that sort of thing these days do you? Here's to next week and some different vantage points.

Stanier pacific number 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" left Crewe station to run the short distance up the Chester line to gain access to the Crewe Heritage Centre. The locomotive will stay here until it runs to Holyhead on Sunday 14th October.

Time for a drink and a rest before the North Wales thrash, the first of two trips to Holyhead. As I have mentioned before, the LNWR site is not accessible to the general public and, like all heavy engineering works, it can be dangerous to the untrained. Please do not go in without permission.

What a magnificent machine. 

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