March 21st 2000 - Part 2

 A blurred yet somewhat dramatic shot as the train emerged from the tunnel and entered Bangor station. 21/09/2000

 As the train paused at Bangor 37412 "Driver John Elliott" arrived with the 12.19 Crewe to Holyhead. 21/09/2000

 The arrival of 37413 at Manchester Piccadilly and the usual crew of photographers gather at the platform end - but not for much longer. 21/09/2000

 Piccadilly is used mainly by EMU and DMU traffic but there are still one or two locomotives to be found. I had seen 87025 "County of Cheshire" at Crewe the day before heading up North, now it was at Manchester. They do get around these days. 21/09/2000

 Virgin liveried 47829 arrived from Penzance and immediately 47853 (photo) was attached to the other end of the train. Shortly after that the train left for Paddington. In steam days the train would have been hauled away for servicing at Longsight by a tank engine with the train engine still attached. Cleaning etc. is done while at the platform and utilisation of stock is much better as a result. 21/09/2000

 37413 arrived back at Piccadilly station for the penultimate Mancheter-Chester (Llandudno). I was interested to see the remains of Mayfield Station in the background. 21/09/2000

 Arrival at Chester revealed Class 175/1 number 175104 parked in the sidings. this was my first sight of a three coach unit. 21/09/2000

 37413 at the head of 1D45, the 17.19 Manchester-Chester, arrives at Chester on its penultimate run. 21/09/2000

 Sat in the bay was "Thunderbird" (Rescue) locomotive 47705 "Guy Fawkes". A special coupler has been fitted to one end presumably to rescue the Class 175 units if they hit trouble. 21/09/2000

 My connection back to Crewe turned out to be 175003, my first experience of travel in one of these elusive units. I was very impressed by the quiet and smooth ride but found the seating density very claustrophobic. On this occasion I was unable to find an empty seat but Chester-Crewe is a short journey. Oh, and by the way, be careful because the automatic interior doors bite you if you stand in the way! 21/09/2000

 So, that's it, no more Irish Mancunian behind a Class 37/4. O.K. we heard it last time but I cannot see it happening a second time now that the 175's are appearing in greater numbers. The only thing left now is to enjoy the 37's while they still operate the Holyhead trains, do it while you can because tomorrow is too late!



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