September 22nd 2000

 I spent 22nd/23rd September in the Conwy Valley and a very pleasant stay it was. Very sunny and dry and several 37/4's as well - here are some of the results.

 An unidentified Class 175 viewed from near The Colwyn Bay Hotel. 22/9/2000

 Lineside Colwyn Bay, one of my favourite spots for photographing 37's. The Colwyn Bay Hotel is on top of the cliff and 37413 thunders past with 1D69 the 12.19 Crewe-Holyhead. 22/9/2000

 37413 entering Llandudno Junction as it returns with 1K71 the 14.50 Holyhead-Crewe. 22/9/2000

 A return visit to Llandudno Junction to see 37412 "Driver John Elliott" taking 1G79 the 18.22 Holyhead-Birmingham. 22/9/2000

 Friday 22nd September was the last day of Class 37 haulage on the Irish Mancunian and although it was timetabled to run as far as Chester, I went to the Junction with the faint hope that DMU'S might have been scarce or that a run through to mark the end may have been on the cards! Some hope, and this was the result 158875 in the twilight on 1D45 the 17.19 Manchester-Llandudno. 22/9/2000

 Conwy Castle and the 37's always provide a classic mix and this shot shows 37413 emerging from the tunnel hauling 1D65 the 10.19 Crewe-Bangor. 23/9/2000

 Conwy Castle again and this time it is 37412 "Driver John Elliott" on 1D67 the 10.07 Birmingham-Holyhead. 23/9/2000

 Conwy station must be one of the best sites on the Coast Line for photography with its castellated surroundings. However, light levels can be difficult especially in Spring and Autumn. This shot shows 37413 emerging from the tunnel on 1K65 the 12.25 Bangor-Crewe. 23/9/2000

 Same train as above but on this occasion the train stopped and this gave me the opportunity to capture the locomotive by the arch while static (note the shadows cast by the arch). I have yet to catch a train from the other side of the arch because there is only one spot to use and this is invariably taken, such is its popularity. 23/9/2000

 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" captured as it passes under the Conwy arch with 1D69 the 12.19 Crewe-Holyhead. 23/9/2000

 I waited on the Colwyn Bay promenade for 1G86 the 16.46 Holyhead-Birmingham and as 37413 left the station I just pointed and shot - this was the result. Symbolic really as the sun sets on the activities of the 37's on the North Wales Coast. 23/9/2000

 The train continued along the embankment and away from the sun. This shot shows the train passing the grass picnic area which had been deserted as Winter approaches. 23/9/2000

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