323223 leaving Sandbach with a Crewe-Liverpool Lime Street service.

 390134 hurried South with a Manchester-London service.

 My transport into Crewe, on time today!

 The William Shakespeare charter, running Holyhead/Stratford-upon-Avon, arrived behind D1935/47805 which was just leaving the train as I arrived. Traction was changing here from diesel to steam.

 The diesel left the station then ran back through the UDL in order to rejoin the train at the rear.

 In its place came Stanier Class 5, number 45231 "Sherwood Forester".

 Knowing what would happen if I moved to platform 12 to watch the departure, I crossed to platform 1 which meant long shots. First into view was 08483 in the former diesel depot.

 156916 left for Newark Castle.

 45231 was ready to leave.

 47828 passed through the station and entered the LSL yard having been removed from the rear of the charter stock.

 The class 5 set off at a cautious pace with a degree of slipping. A Pendolino was timed to leave platform 5 which it duly did blocking my view of much of the charter's departure. Enthusiasts on platform 12, waiting to watch the train leave, were once again thwarted as the drain cocks were left open, just what I had anticipated.

 The departure was spirited.

 On the rear was D1935/47805 having undertaken the runround.


 390127 raced North on the down fast.

 My chariot home, good to see the 323's in charge today.