A visit to Crewe because a Locomotive Services train was scheduled.
331012 was out of service and waiting to leave on the WCML.

 Lurking at platform 12 were two class 37's resplendent in green - no steam today then.

 The two diesels left on the Chester line.

 331107 was on a Crewe-Manchester-Liverpool service.

 A hoot in the distance gave a clue and I was delighted to see 46100 "Royal Scot" appear at platform 12.

 331021 arrived off the WCML and into bay platform 10 and it looked pretty new but not in service.

 The "Scot" made a dramatic exit - pure poetry!

 The Sun was, for once, in the right place.

 Contrast at the stops.

 221101, having been shorn of its amended Virgin livery, is now sporting an Avanti West Coast livery and was running Holyhead-London. The leading end had the wording covered with tape but this was the trailing end.
The unit was still carrying its name.

 The coach sides carried this, I don't know if it's the finished design but it looks pretty basic. Maybe there are more comprehensive decals to come when all the disagreements are sorted out?

 My journey home was in 323226 which now has different destination indicators, far more friendly than the former dot-matrix units.

 At Sandbach the EMU was pathed into platform 3 and held while a Pendolino headed for Manchester Piccadilly.

 Pendolino 390121